Join us on September 15

This year, CHEO has begun to implement its new plan to provide expert care and research for healthy young minds – keeping patients and families at the center of all that we do.

Donor support helps CHEO experts to:

  • See more kids and see them more quickly.
  • Help parents and caregivers find the right services at the right time.
  • Improve emergency care.
  • Make services more available in communities outside of CHEO’s immediate region through the use of telemedicine and virtual consultations.
  • Expand mental health services for children under six.

Did you know?

  • Outpatient visits to CHEO for mental health treatment have increased by 48%.
  • Last year CHEO had over 3,100 Emergency Department visits for children in need of mental health care.
  • Visits to CHEO’s Emergency Department for mental health issues have increased 75%.
  • 79% of the children and youth who came to CHEO’s Emergency Department because of mental health issues had suicidal thoughts or behaviours.

When a patient has to be admitted to CHEO’s Mental Health Unit staff members need to ensure each patient has access to the care that will be most beneficial, regardless of their age or the reason for their admission. It’s essential that CHEO be properly equipped to support patients. That’s where donor support comes in.

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